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How to input a name or equation for a calculation

In most cases, the choice of what you input (text with a name or the actual computation) is generated by the program automatically. Expressions for calculations typically begin with numbers, parentheses, etc. If you begin the input with other symbols, the program assumes that you are entering regular text.

Your operations will be calculated using mathematical order. So, if you entered 100+100/100 the result will be 101 (not 2), since the division has precedence over addition. Use parentheses to point order of operations directly, for example: (100+100)/100.

If you want to input regular text, as in the option with a numbered list, use Tab for switching to the mode for entering text.

1. Milk and bread

You will always be able to determine the text mode for editing by the presence or absence of parentheses around the text which is being inputted. After you have typed in the name and want to continue with computations, use Tab or Right Arrow.

Numi uses regular operation keys and format them accordingly. So, for example, you should use '/' for division, and it will be formatted as '÷' in Numi. The same rule applied for miltiplication: you should use '*' key, and this will be formatted as '×' in Numi. Multiply character is very similar to the 'x' letter, but x letter will be ignored and used as regular text.

Automatic sum

To calculate the sum with all the above results, press Ctrl + = (Notice: use Shift + 0 for Swedish and Norwegian normal layouts).

The sum is calculated from all previous results until a row with an empty equation or different sum appears.

If you enter several sums consecutively, each sum will point to the sum on the same lines as the previous sum. This is convenient when you need to calculate the sum and see it as a separate result and make additional computations using the final sum. For example, adding an 18% tax to the final sum.

The decimal point

The program uses a decimal point, as shown in the system settings. You can check your settings in the System Settings.

You should use full format for decimals. For example, 0.75 (not .75)


When you close an application, the program saves your calculations. The next time the program loads, calculations will be restored.

Keyboard Shortcuts

You are able to use all the usual combinations as well as new ones for easier work with calculations.

How to share calculations with other Numi users

To send as regular text, simply highlight the part of the text which you wish to send (or highlight all the content by pressing Cmd+A) and paste the copied content into the message.

Expanded computations with percentages

Aside from simple addition and subtraction of percentages, you can also use two more functions.

To calculate 100% of a value, if only part of it is known, divide by the percentage:

25÷10% → 250 25 — is 10% of the value.

To calculate a percentage of a value, multiply by a percentage:

25×10% → 2,5 Find 10% of 25.