Dates support

Long-expected update with dates support and OS X today widget extension. And from now on Numi supports El Capitan. Actually all development now goes on El Capitan :-)

  • Added date calculations
  • Notification center widget
  • Added OS X 10.11 El Capitan support
  • Added new hotkeys for result copying
  • Window is not shown at system startup
  • Precision setting affect results right after change
  • Feedback also send version and build number
  • Grand total is not evaluated with incompatible values
  • Dark theme renamed to night mode
  • Fixed calculation cache
  • Fixed multiplication for expressions like '5x'
  • Fixed multiplication for several operands with 'x' letter
  • Fixed appearance after switching from external monitor
  • Fixed window show on currently active workspace
  • Fixed crash during some calculations
  • Fixed crash on no internet connection during currency rates update
  • Fixed number of days in month/year inconsistency
  • Fixed vertical scroller look for dark theme