Beta 4

We continue to improve Numi engine. Here is what's new in Beta 4:

  • The Letter x might be used for multiplication.
  • Expression in parentheses will be multiplied: 3 (4) = 12
  • Added a bunch of new percentage operations
  • Allows control modifier for global hotkey
  • Dot in decimal always recognized as decimal separator
  • Docs section was rewritten
  • Slash glyph for division
  • New shortcut for deleting all text: Cmd+Alt+Delete
  • After switching to menubar show window
  • Hotkey toggling will bring focus to previously active window
  • Avg alias for average
  • Fixed radians to degree conversion
  • Fixed inline comment with quotes
  • Fixed zoom button functionality
  • Fixed result rounding
  • Fixed formatting for USD
  • Fixed shortcuts for window closing (Cmd+W) and preferences (Cmd+,)