Alfred integration

Now you can use Numi with Alfred for quick calcuations. Just type n in front of your expressions in Alfred. Of cause, you'll need to install Numi workflow first, and enable Alfred integration in Numi preferences.

Numi alfred integration demo

New update also brings new engine, rewritten from ground up, for better plugin support (will come next!). Also interface translations for Ukrainian, Bosnian and Persian languages. Щиро Дякую!

Multiple notes, iCloud, autosave

Beta 14 introduces few long-awaited features. Now you can manage multiple calculations in Numi. And if you are on Sierra, all your calculations will be automatically synchronized via iCloud. Autosave time improved as well, so, no more (hopefully) loss of data.

Numi multiple notes demo

Font size option added. By default font size will be adjusted to match optimal size from readability perspective: for larger window size Numi will use larger font, insets, and result panel size. Still, you can tweak this option in preferences by choosing small, medium or large font explicitly.

This update also brings full Sierra support, with adopted look for Today widget.

New translations, scientific output, fixes

Beta 12 brings four new languages, scientific output, and many bug fixes. And now you can use is for a variable assignment like price is $10.

  • Added Swedish translation by Wilhelm Wanecek
  • Added Serbian translation by Aleksandar Macanovic
  • Added Norwegian translation by Gaute Huus
  • Added Hebrew translation by Nathaniel Maman
  • Add scientific output
  • Added is operator
  • Added ping unit
  • Added R constant
  • Fixed workspace switch bug in menubar mode
  • Fixed currency formatting to include two decimal digits
  • Fixed hex detection with 'e' symbol
  • Fixed points unit detection
  • Fixed invalid root for big numbers
  • Fixed variables detection
  • Fixed percentage operations
  • Fixed multiplication sign detection
  • Fixed ln function
  • Fixed minus before parentheses detection
  • Fixed += assignment operation
  • Fixed minus sign detection

Korean translation + fixes

This update will bring a lot of fixes all over the place and Korean interface support. 멋진 뉴스!

  • Added Korean user interface
  • Fixed variables with digits
  • Fixed scientific numbers negative power
  • Fixed power function precedence
  • Fixed sqrt and cbrt support
  • Fixed negative variable values
  • Fixed currencies with dollar sign detection
  • Fixed prefix inconsistency with bit/bytes
  • Fixed settings window to be over main window
  • Fixed multiple quotes on same line
  • Fixed New Taiwan dollar detection
  • Fixed celsius formatting
  • Fixed crash on large scientific numbers
  • Fixed crash on large negative values
  • Fixed percentage operation overflow
  • Fixed hotkey crash

Time zones, more formatting options

Happy to introduce time zones conversions. Numi also support output in binary, hex, and octal. Formatting syntax was revisited a little. So, now # used for titles, and // is used for comments. Both expression are not evaluated, but title has more bright color.

  • Added Dutch, Danish, Turkish translation
  • Fixed printing
  • Fixed log function
  • Fixes evaluation of arithmetic sequence
  • Fixed evaluation for big numbers
  • Fixed months detection
  • Fixed x letter for multiplication
  • Fixed dot handling in decimal recognizer
  • Fixed log function

Yet more translations

New beta update, with a bunch of new languages inside: German, French, Italian, Chinese Traditional, Romanian (interface). I want to thank all peoples for making these translations: Gustavo Reis (French, Italian, German), ChingHsiang Li (Chinese Traditional), Julian Wagner (German), Daniel Morosan (Romanian).

New translations

Numi is fully translated into Portuguese (both European and Brazilian) and Russian. Numi interface also translated into German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Chinese, Japanese. I want to thank all translators that help to make the translation for this release.

  • Gustavo Reis for Portuguese and Italian
  • Takashi Saito for Japanese
  • Steven Yang for Chinese
  • Julian Wagner for German
  • Luis Alfredo for Spanish
  • Jarosław Teterycz for Polish
  • GilDev & Pascal Micaelli for French

Numeral systems and bitwise operations

Special update for developers! Now Numi supports binary, octal and hexadecimal numeral systems and bitwise operations.

  • New numeral systems support
  • Added bitwise and, or, xor, shift operations
  • Added modulo operation
  • Improved variable assignment syntax: var += 100
  • Fixed unit detection process
  • Fixed month-related calculations
  • Fixed numbers detection that similar to timestamp
  • Fixed minimum window height

Dates support

Long-expected update with dates support and OS X today widget extension. And from now on Numi supports El Capitan. Actually all development now goes on El Capitan :-)

  • Added date calculations
  • Notification center widget
  • Added OS X 10.11 El Capitan support
  • Added new hotkeys for result copying
  • Window is not shown at system startup
  • Precision setting affect results right after change
  • Feedback also send version and build number
  • Grand total is not evaluated with incompatible values
  • Dark theme renamed to night mode
  • Fixed calculation cache
  • Fixed multiplication for expressions like '5x'
  • Fixed multiplication for several operands with 'x' letter
  • Fixed appearance after switching from external monitor
  • Fixed window show on currently active workspace
  • Fixed crash during some calculations
  • Fixed crash on no internet connection during currency rates update
  • Fixed number of days in month/year inconsistency
  • Fixed vertical scroller look for dark theme

Designer's update

Two new great features in the latest update: CSS units and dark theme.

  • Added the support of CSS units
  • Added dark theme
  • Added shortcut for wrapping into parentheses
  • Added toggle on top option
  • Variables now might have numbers in names
  • Added alias for Yuan's (RMB)
  • Added aliases for sqrt and cbrt functions (square root, cubic root)
  • It ok to use 'x' variable now
  • Switch menubar/dock mode without restart
  • Fixed little inaccuracies in syntax highlighting
  • Fixed result display when no trailing zero printed for currency
  • Fixed recalculation after currency rates update
  • Fixed background on printing
  • Fixed crash on Tan function
  • Units section completed with area & volume length units
  • Added new shortcuts section in docs

Engine improvements

  • The Letter x might be used for multiplication.
  • Expression in parentheses will be multiplied: 3 (4) = 12
  • Added a bunch of new percentage operations
  • Allows control modifier for global hotkey
  • Dot in decimal always recognized as decimal separator
  • Docs section was rewritten
  • Slash glyph for division
  • New shortcut for deleting all text: Cmd+Alt+Delete
  • After switching to menubar show window
  • Hotkey toggling will bring focus to previously active window
  • Avg alias for average
  • Fixed radians to degree conversion
  • Fixed inline comment with quotes
  • Fixed zoom button functionality
  • Fixed result rounding
  • Fixed formatting for USD
  • Fixed shortcuts for window closing (Cmd+W) and preferences (Cmd+,)

Silent updates

After being featured on ProductHunt, (it was awesome!) we decided to run a little update that will fix rare exceptions and add some tiny bit of a new functionality (as a bonus).

The most noticeable feature that we've been added was silent updates. You should not be disturbed by the application popups about updates. The update should be made silently. So, for example, if you are using Numi in menu bar mode, Numi will update itself and will be restarted while you're not using it. For Dock mode, Numi will install an update after you quit the application. We think this will work. Drop us a line if you do not think so.

  • Silent app updates
  • Case-insensitive word operators (In, PLUS)
  • Improved time formatting (1.5 hours will be shown as 1 h 30 min)
  • Subtract operator
  • Fixed negative values detection

Percentage operations, import & print

  • UI changes
  • Keywords highlighted independent of case
  • Percentage operations in text form (5 percents of $10)
  • Fixed engine bugs
  • In Menubar mode window will not appear automatically
  • In Menubar mode shortcut toggles window visibility
  • Sum is not calculated if some unit is not convertible to others
  • File import (load)
  • Print